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Current Character Roster:
In Progress:
  • What is this? NONE?!
  • Terrie and William from dead Valkyries Revelations and my failed application for Dolom are being moved to my 2008 Nanowrimo novel. It has truly become the novel of dead characters. XD
  • Terrie and William from Valkyries Revelations also have a cameo in Catching Magic
  • When Kingdom's previous incarnation died, I revamped Loni into Akemi. And, as things are wont to do, Kingdom began to come together, so I had to change Loni considerably. Thankfully at this point I'd been to Maui, so I was able to add a touch of realism to her that the poor thing lacked before.
  • Momo has transformed considerably in the LS!AU; aspects of her character were channeled into Dolom. So in a way, a bit of Momo lives on in the 2008 Nanowrmio novel, too XD
I began roleplaying online in 1997-1998. However, those first two games failed spectacularly and it turned me against the whole roleplaying concept. Then, in 2001 I was badgered into joining a game by a cousin and the rest is a lot of late nights, be them slaving over character shrines, the perfect character post, or assembling a new character altogether.

In 2003 I began my own game, Valkyries Revelations, but it has since turned into a private story circle. I began tooling with the idea of Lost Senshi that year as well, but the game didn't get off and running until 2005. LS developed into a Science Fiction/Fantasy/SM/ FuturePunk/excuseforrandomnessworldbuilding smorgasbord. While the game is still up, we've mostly moved on to an AU setting and progress on that continues mostly in fanfic and drabble form.

I am a member of two very distinguished SM roleplaying games, Missing Shard and Angels Never Came Down, which have existed for 10+ years (I am pretty lax about updating this page, so who knows how old they are XD when anyone reads this).

We restarted Kingdom at the tail end of 2007 and opened it in 2008. In our first months of activity we completed a phenomenal amount of stories and really worked hard to create more of a multimedia focused game, letting the story and the characters evolve from the strict pbem/pbmb format into fanfics, drabbles, storyboards, comics, aim/chat logs, and pretty much whatever we feel like doing. We've had so much fun this first year :D.