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Roleplaying Games Writing
  • NaNoWriMo: Community that's goal is for members to complete in a month "a 175-page (50,000-word) novel."
  • Novel in 90 Days: LJ Com that's goal is for members to complete "a novel-length manuscript in a reasonable time, under real-life conditions." Think of it as the anti-Nano.
  • Cherry Forums: A reading/writing/publishing discussion board sponsored by Jenny Crusie.
  • Forward Motion: A writing discussion board, formerly sponsored by Holly Lisle.
  • Script Frenzy: From the people who brought you Nanowrimo; challenge is to write a screenplay in the month of July!
  • PBW: Not just a blog. Run by science fiction/romance writer SL Viehl/Lynn Viehl (among other pseudonyms), PBW offers writing advice, an eye into the writing industry, and a lot of free swag.
  • Scalzi's Whatever Blog: A blog run by a fantasy science fiction author, Whatever is always entertaining. And quite often has interesting posts on writing. Also author of the limited run: "You're not fooling anyone when you take your laptop to a coffee shop: Scalzi on Writing"
  • Elizabeth Bear's LJ: Because Cat Vs Monkey is that fun. The novel deadline deathmarches, writing process posts, and frequent speculative fiction meta pondering are all other good reasons to drop in. But mostly Cat Vs Monkey.
  • Argh Ink: The blog of Jenny Crusie. Come for a great view into how she writes and stay for the whiteboard of doom. Also co-runs He Wrote, She Wrote, a writing workshop that dives into the writing craft.
Ye Old Pop Culture
  • Snarkfest!: One of the post-FameTracker forums, mission is to be a "place to discuss television, movies, celebrities, literature, and whatever other pop culture topics may be of general interest." I spent too much time here.
  • Go Fug Yourself: A blog devoted to all things fug. Well, *celebrity fug* that is.
  • Television Without Pity: A place to discuss all things in the idiot box we all know and love.
  • The Futon Critic: Because guessing what pilots are going to be big the next season is sooo my hobby, and it should be yours to!
  • Best Week Ever: Because there is never enough pop culture.
  • Oh No They Didn't: LJ Com, probably the fastest way to get celebrity gossip. Not that I'd be looking...